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Welcome to The Castillo Family Website. Here we post GTA 5 Mafia Assassinations and RNG

What we do
We do many things. Such as free-mode wars, RNG/Run N Gun, Youtube Vidoes, Car Shows, and my personal Favorite, Assassinations.


We like to post Assassinations and sometimes RNG Battles.

  1. Gamertag changes or make a new account
  2. Respect- Don't be a jerk, or cause drama that doesn't need to happen. we're not Expecting you to be like "yes sir".
  3. must wear suits at meetings- We wear suits cause it makes us look sharp and serious
  4. Must Have Mic- we need to hear you to make sure we understand your situation 
  5. MUST HAVE KIK- Its an easy app. doesn't take much space and we use this to communicate 
  6.  Follow all The Mafia community rules that can be found in the forums

Were not big on rules but there set to have a line in what you can't and can do.


The Boss and puppet master. He controls all and anything that happens in this crew.


The Dons most trusted people
In control while don is away or busy.

Boss and Underboss
each underboss has 2 capos that help him. The capos control the new members. The boss and underboss control any and all members under them.

Doc and Capo
 Capos control all the soldiers and train or teach them as a mentor. The capo has his own group guys to help him. Doc is there for when he needs to teach a lesson or be the bad guy to push the recruits more, The doc trains with capos and more.

Made Men
Made men are enforcers who have proven themselves and know how deal with people. He is one of Dons most trusted People fore jobs and follows the capos and knows things because they've been here for awhile. From here The don will bless you and make you part of the mafia community.


They show an eaxmple to the new members and if someones out of line don tells them to take care of it. He/she reminds others how to act and enforces all rules. 

Foot Soldier
Muscle after being a recruit ,You get a chance to prove your worth. The don has your attention. Now use that to help you get higher in the crew.

The new guy. you wont be told much until you prove your worth. You have to earn respect to gain what you want.


Go to The Menu and go to forums to learn the basics and things like that

What are some things I don't know
If you need Advise on things check the forums they. Don makes forums on how to do things or work them out.

Rockstar Social Club:  SirTonyCastillo
Gamertag:  SirTonyCastillo
Kik: doofmaster99 
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