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Help With Free aim and RNG
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24th Nov 2016

In RNG you must have Free aim on. And RNG is kinda difficult but fun.
Heres some tips to be better
1 Change your 3RD person controls to Alternate FPS 2. At first its werid but you can get the hang of it. 
You use LB to aim 
You use RB to Shoot
You use RT to run 
so when you aim and shoot you move left and right really fast and 
you use A to role and this makes it so much easier

2 Play in free mode and just practice killing people .
3 Go for the head. It's a 1 shot 1 kill
4 Use the special carbine
its really good and one of the best RNG guns out there

Those are all the tips for now have fun

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Forum » Forums » Tips on Crew
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