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Joined: 28th Sep 2016
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17th Apr 2017

What are Officers
Officers are people that are at at least a made man and have a job that will help the Don. 

Secretary is the guy who promotes the crew and what we do.
Our Secretary is Swishi 

Enforcer Manager
Enforcer Manager is the guy who shows all the new guys how to be a member and how to become a made man. It's very hard to get this job. The EM does not let new members disrespect.
Pete is our Enfocer Manager 

Consigliere is an Advicer to the Don. This job is very hard to get and is for someone with patients and charisma.
Cheeto is my Consigliere 

"I love wine. It reminds me of all the murders I've done"

Forum » Forums » Ranks
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